Learn songs (and languages) easier, by getting your own teacher from the song itself*!
Become a creator by simply following the instructions.

Available song list

Difficulty from Simple over Normal to Hard or even Extreme.




(FRZ) Photograph, NightcoreAntonio1
(FRZ) No corps à la dérive, NightcoreAntonio2
(ESP) Hijo de la lunaAntonio3
(ENG) Valkyrie, NightcoreAntonio4
(ESP) Despacito, NightcoreAntonio5
(FRZ) DésenchantéeAntonio6
(FRZ) Conscience, NightcoreAntonio7
(FRZ) La chute est lente, NightcoreAntonio8
(FRZ) Et si c'etait luiAntonio9
(ENG) Moonlight ShadowAntonio10
(ENG) Running with the wolves, NightcoreAntonio11
(GER) Doktorspiele, NightcoreAntonio12
(GER) Wildes Ding, NightcoreAntonio13
(GER) PrinzesschenAntonio14
(ESP) Duele el amor, NightcoreAntonio15
(FRZ) Lost on you, NightcoreAntonio16
(FRZ) Tu vas me manquer, NightcoreAntonio17
(FRZ) Ne m'écute pas, NightcoreAntonio18
(ESP) Sabes, NightcoreAntonio19

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Become a creator yourself!

Why do we need creators? Because the songs don't know where to jump back by themselves.
Everyone, YOU TOO, can become a creator and add his own favorite songs simply to the list.

General knowledge:

1. It might be a nice idea to keep your artist name the same.
2. The title of a song shall be "(LNG) Songname, Style", where #LNG means three short letters for the language, e.g. DEU/GER, ENG, FRZ, ESP, ...
3. Songs with few or no motion in the video work best for users. Otherwise they might experience lag (ask YouTube for a fix ^.^).

How to?

Use this link and add your video code (this cryptic stuff behind v= until the next &), e.g. 9k7ps6UG-p4 at the end.
The site will now play your song.

Obviously the site is just jumping back inside the song from time to time. Your actions start, when the singer begins to sing:
- Press the SPACE bar as long as the artist sings her line. A break in pushing means a video jump for the training. All which is pushed down, will be repeated, so don't repeat refrains too often nor repeat music without singing. You don't need to press at the perfect time, because there is a 200ms delay.
- Click your mouse if you need a short break.

When the song is over, you'll be asked whether you want to upload it. Just fill in the missing fields and click Submit.
That's it :), the song will now appear on this site.

Birth of "Chantez!!!"

You may wonder how I got the idea to create this site. This is the story:

I like French, had it in school, and sometimes stumble over Spanish when looking for interesting things on the internet. I want to keep my French knowledge, and I really dislike to not understand it, so I begun some months ago to listen to Spanish songs next to my French ones. Additionally I watched few hours of Spanish TV Series (El Juego De Thronos, read the books in English) to get a feeling for the language, and understanding a little, because learning it purely by online courses sucks - you know your own motivation on such things.

Normally I don't sing aloud, because somebody could ask questions. However I got two nice weeks nearly completely for myself, and randomly found the time to sing :). Singing songs in a language that you don't understand well or at all is nearly impossible; Many thanks to subtitles!
Also I want(ed) to persuade my little sister to listen to French songs, so she'll become better, without success xD.

Still I wanted to be able to learn those songs, and got the idea to build a teacher just from the song itself :D, the source, YouTube, stayed the same by using the YouTube Player API.

Enjoy this site! At the moment, there are some things left to do, e.g. a nice timeline. I'll do when I am motivated to :). I made the Creator part public, because I want you to be able to add your favorite songs, too.

Chantez!, because for me the most important language to listen to is French, and I want ALL OF YOU to find pleasure in listening and singing songs in other languages and suddenly understand some more things in our world. The extremely fast songs are intended as challenge for fun of course. If this site should become awesomely popular, it hopefully is a step towards a world wide joined beautiful language.

© 2018 Antonio Noack, videos and music by YouTube